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Mark of Wind by D1rtaH Mark of Wind by D1rtaH
The people of ElaiKanai now look to their mother for wisdom. In the green realm there is peace and it is without fear or limit on the mind, body or soul. This is why there is endless possibilities for those who learn to understand the tree language and ways of life, some for peace, but most for self enlightenment. The mark of wind is what I here present.

Wind is the quickest essence and can be used to increase the agility and energy of the mind, body, soul, and spirit of ones inner true self. In order to obtain this essence you will learn our ways.

Va’ uju was once our ruler who had lived to be over a thousand years in age but then passed his rank to his oldest son Boris who was only a child at the time. This was before I Mother Rujhi became the mother of wisdom. Boris his son lead us strong though many battles and proved victorious every time. The spirit of Va’ uju, and all of our other ancestors watch over the lands of ElaiKanai. However, the spirit of Boris cannot be felt. Not long after our fight at mount Histaru Boris went missing as we all sought shelter. I do not understand this but to dwell on our past is not our way.

ElaiKanai is our homeland and has been since the beginning of time. Here there are endless possibilities. Our resources are endless as long as we continue to keep the piece in these lands by understanding each other and understanding the ways of life. It is the essence of wind that bind the children of Elai to mother nature with a pure heart and strong mind.
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